How to find the best locksmith in Washington, DC

How to find the best locksmith in Washington, DC

Free access does not mean good access, and we can guarantee that your home, properties, and loved ones are safe 24/7 with our locksmith services in Washington, DC. Locksmiths are not the typical touch-and-dial contact on your phone, but they are essential in your daily life.

You know, it is very believable to watch a scene where regular people picklocks in movies. It is not always the case, as a good lock cannot be picked easily. In fact, more break-ins are from defective locks and unlock front door. We will not blame you for choosing the wrong locksmith. We are happy to provide insightful pointers to ensure that you are never the victim of quack and disreputable handymen.

As one of the best locksmith service providers in the Washington, DC area, we have a team of certified professionals to help you with your lock 24/7. We understand lock and are updated with the changes in the industry. We have built a reputation for reliability and trust, and our clients are a testament to our commitment. Despite the number of locksmiths in the DC area, you cannot go wrong by choosing us.

The following article will help you to find the best locksmith in Washington, DC, and surrounding areas and save you from fraudulent locksmiths

Do you need a locksmith?

Well, that depends on the problem at hand. While you can decide to DIY your locksmith, nothing beats the services of a qualified locksmith. If you have never been stranded in the middle of the night, scared and confused because you cannot find your keys, you will not appreciate a good locksmith. If you have never locked your keys in your car as the time ticked away for a crucial meeting, you will not value an emergency locksmith. So to answer the question, yes, everyone needs a locksmith. If you are in the Washington, DC area, give us a call ASAP when you find yourself in a tight corner about any lock problem.

Finding a trustworthy locksmith in your area that can provide what you are looking for is all your need is not easy. You do not necessarily need to have a damaged lock before you call a locksmith. Your locks could need maintenance, repairs, upgrade, or a replacement. Whatever your reasons for hiring a locksmith, the safety and security of your life, loved one, and business is a top priority. So you must ensure they are as qualified as they claim. Hey, the price needs to be affordable too.

In the Washington, DC area, there are lots of certified and qualified locksmiths. There are equally a large number of unqualified and fake locksmiths too. 

They offer cheap services and end up scamming, robbing, and even vandalizing the homes of unsuspecting victims. They offer cheap counterfeit lock and do a poor job with no trace or means of contacting them. Furthermore, most of them give mouth-watering discounts and ask for cash payments for a shoddy job.

Tips for finding the best locksmith in Washington, DC

Do not wait until it’s too late.

A lock does not just spoil overnight; it gives signs that something is wrong. For example, if the key is beginning to develop faults, you will find it hard to twist it in the lock or need to exert some pressure before the door opens. This is the right time to call a locksmith, not when you are tired, exhausted from the day’s job, and then you find your key is no longer functional. Most homeowners in this situation fall prey to an unqualified locksmith and end up paying more for the services. Even though reputable locksmith Washington DC offer 24/7 and emergency services, do not wait until you are desperate.

Research, Research, and Research

If you are looking for a qualified and certified locksmith, Washington, you need to do some research. In fact, ask around, go through the yellow pages, seek help from your local service centers, or get a referral from friends and family who have used locksmith service in Washington. 

There have been cases when people check the national system for a locksmith. It is a good idea, but always request the services of local professionals. They understand the market and can deliver your needs. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau. It enables you to confirm that the locksmith is legit and has no complaints that could endanger your life, property, or loved ones.

Ensure Your Chosen Locksmith Is Registered With the Right Association

The ALOA or Associated Locksmith of America has all registered locksmith in its database. All you need is to call them and verify any information you need on the desired locksmith provider. If the company has been vetted, it is good to provide locksmithing services in the United States. Being vetted also means the company is regularly inspected and follows the guidelines set by the Association.

Ask For Verifications

We live in a dangerous world, and the safety of your property and life is precedence. When a locksmith arrives at your home, ensure they are aptly dressed for the job, request for an ID, or a means of verifying their identity. Call the number on their card if it tallies with their website or company page. Ask for a business card and run their name through the criminal database. We understand that if you are in an emergency, you might not remember these steps, but never forget to ask for a name and an ID to verify it.

Why Do You Need The Locksmith?

Okay, locksmiths deal with locks, true. However, not all locksmiths provide all the services of a locksmith. Some are better at handling household problems and cannot do things like rekeying or vehicular lock change. So before you dial that number, ensure the locksmith can provide the service you need. The most common locksmith requests are

So when you know what you want, it is easy to negotiate and get the best service from your locksmith near you.

Is The Locksmith Insured?

Well, locksmiths do not expect to come to your resident or business premises to damage anything, but stuff happens. A locksmith might be conversant with the type of lock, but it could present a problem more than what is expected. Although damaging your lock or items on your property is negligible, it is good to hire a locksmith company with insurance to avoid unnecessary banter.

Inquire About the Charges

If a company says $45 over the phone, do not pay more without a reasonable explanation. Oh my goodness, many people have fall prey to unscrupulous locksmiths that come on an agreed price but charge you double or triple the amount citing flimsy excuses. Funny thing is you cannot do anything because your problem has been solved. It is always advisable to get complete payment details before inviting the locksmith to your premises. Furthermore, do not pay a dime more after the job is done.

Get Documentation for the Services Provided

Reputable locksmith providers in Washington, DC, will take a detail of their customer information. They will also provide you with an invoice after the job are done. However, before the process starts, verify the amount stated during the call or online request. If it deviates, disagree immediately.

 Do not pay for a service before it is done. You will probably not get a refund. You must ensure that you are satisfied with the job before making the payment. One last thing, agree on a method of settlement with the locksmith provider and stick to it.

Locksmith Services in an Emergency Situation

A lot of people use locksmith services in emergency circumstances but be careful of fakes.

  • If the price is too low, please be wary. Some fake locksmiths use the cost to lure themselves into your home. 
  • If they appear unprofessional or have not meant of identification, take a step back, and decline their services.
  • If a locksmith insists on doing a job even after you have declined, press the 911 dial bottom immediately
  • Call a family or friend when a locksmith is around in case anything goes wrong.

The following are pointers to remember when finding a locksmith in Washington, DC. However, with our locksmith services, you will never have to worry about these issues and more. We will clear your doubts and provide excellent and professional results.

Chikos Locksmith service is a reliable and reputable name in the Washington, DC area. We have the knowledge, skilled technicians, and a wide range of locksmith services to deliver on exactly what you need. 

Before you call a locksmith, get accurate details of what is wrong with your lock to enable us to deliver the best service ever.

Your safety and security are our goals, and our offer is second to none in the Washington DC area. Do you need a professional, accredited, and ALOA certified locksmith? Get in touch with us now?