Car/Auto Key Replacement

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Car Key Replacement Washington

Your car key is no longer just a key. Replacing this key isn’t as easy as going to the local hardware store; however, with Chiko’s DC Locksmith, it’s more comfortable than going to a dealership! Today, many modern cars use transponder chip keys,  fob keys, and remote keys for extra convenience and security. While this technology ensures that life is easier, problems with these keys can be challenging, costly, and time-consuming to fix.

At Chiko’s DC Locksmith, we offer our services at a fraction of the price without the typical dealership wait. Our technicians come to you and provide on-site car key replacement, repair, and reprogramming for your transponder chip key, fob key, and remote key. If you’ve got a broken, stolen, or malfunctioning key, don’t panic- call Chiko’s DC Locksmith today!

Automobile Key Replacement

Chiko’s DC Locksmith offers a mobile auto locksmith service for lost and replacement car and van keys in Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas. This means that whenever you need a car key replacement, we can get you back on the road with minimum fuss. We arrive with all the necessary equipment and tools to execute the job at your location while you wait.

You may also have found yourself in a situation where you’ve searched everywhere for your car keys, but they’re nowhere can founded. One of your options would be to acquire a new set of keys from a dealership. This would then involve having your vehicle towed to their garage, which could be very inconvenient and expensive as dealerships can take days before working on your vehicle.

Your best option would be to contact us! We’ll be able to come out to you to replace your lost car keys saving you time and money. We will produce new or duplicate car keys and program them to your vehicle and immobilizer at a price much cheaper than the main dealers. We’ll have you back on the road in a flash.

What can I do if my vehicle or van keys have been stolen?

We’ll be able to erase the original keys that have been stolen from the vehicles ECU/immobilizer, change the car locks, cut new car keys, and code the new car keys to your ECU/immobilizer. All these done using advanced diagnostic tools.

I need a replacement/spare key, what can you do for me?

All Chiko’s DC Locksmith’s replacements van and car keys cut to code, lock, or pattern. We carry blank keys that can cut at your location with the latest key cutting technology. This makes sure that all new car keys produced a perfect fit.

We can replace lost car keys and have them cut to code from the ignition lock or vehicle door. We also make a programmed transponder key to make sure that your new car key works correctly with your vehicles.