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Rekey Locks Service Washington

How many locks are present in your home? Don’t forget to count your interior and exterior doors. Also remember to include garage doors, doors to your shed, and other outbuildings. What about your business premises or store? Is your car lock having issues? When was the last time that you changed your locks? If you can’t seem to recall the last time you changed your locks, consider rekeying them today. Your effort will guarantee the safety and well-being of your home, family, business, car, and property.

Whether you’ve lost your keys or moving to a new home, a rekey of every exterior lock can be invaluable. We can eliminate the majority of keys on your key ring.

If you have double-sided deadbolts and want to switch to single-sided for fire safety concerns, we have single-sided deadbolts in stock that can be rekeyed to match your existing key. We are aware that no one wants to have more than one key to their house.

What This Service Means?

So what does it mean to rekey something? This means changing the pins/tumblers in an existing lock and creating a new key for it because once the pins/tumblers are changed, the existing key will no longer work. It’s the service of choice when your locks are not broken, but instead, you require a new key to operate your locks.

Why Should you Rekey Locks?

You may think that you’ve only handed keys to family members and trusted employees; however, do you know everybody who has access to their keys? Thieves, vandals, and other invaders seek easy access to your property. If they can copy or steal a key, they will have access to your property. Frequently rekey your locks to increase the safety and protection of your properties.

When Should you Rekey Locks?

You’ll want to rekey the locks after somebody uses a key to gain unlawful access into your property. However, you’ll also want to rekey your house locks after changing babysitters, pet sitters, housekeepers, groundskeepers, or contractors and after a roommate moves out. Rekey locks any time your keys or an employee’s keys lost or stolen, too.

Rekeying is also essential for new homes in Washington, DC. Contractors, realtors, interior designers, and groundskeepers have access to your new house during its construction phase. For maximum security, rekey every locks once you sign papers for your new house, garage, or shed.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Locksmith

A licensed locksmith understands the inner workings of every type of door locks. They also carry stocks that guaranteed to last. A professional locksmith gives you peace of mind and ensures the job correctly executed when you hire a professional.

Residential Security is a serious matter. At Chiko’s DC Locksmith, we pride ourselves on making sure our trusted and security professionals locksmiths.