What to Do If You Lost Your Car Keys?

What to Do if You Lost Your Car Keys?

Obviously, look for it, or in this case, call the best car locksmith in Washington DC for an instant replacement, rekeying, or a complete change of the lock. Okay, that sounded too easy. Losing your car keys can be a trigger to a rollercoaster of bad things to happen throughout the day.

If you have never lost your car keys, you do not know how it feels. With the sudden rush of guilt and a feeling of being irresponsible, you suddenly find yourself lost for words and confused. You do not know what to say, how to say it as the only thing you can think of is I have lost my car keys, I cannot find my car key. 

Gosh, the experience is nothing to write home about, especially if you have to be at a meeting, event, or close a deal. You feel cut-off the grid of the universe. So while you are still trying to remember where you might have dropped your car key, we have a little something to calm you down. I’d love to ask you a question about where the spare is, but let’s just move on. 

We all know how these things work. And besides, not all cars have spare keys, and you just never know when you will lose the car keys.

Did you lost your car keys?

When you realize that your car key is TRULY lost, take a minute to catch your breath and check your bag, purse, jacket pockets, office desk, home drawers, in the car (if it is opened), and everywhere. If you still cannot find it, get your phone out.

Whether you are lockout or cannot find the key, speak to someone that will calm you down. If you have to be at the office, call your secretary or business partner or whoever, and explain the situation about the lost car keys. If you have accidentally locked your phone in your car, get to the nearest police station, or ask a neighbor if you can use their phone. 

Have you lost your car key or locked out of your car? We can help. Losing your car key can be frustrating and overwhelming, but locksmith Washington, DC is available 24/7 and on emergency for all your car key troubles. Using the latest technology and skillset, getting you safely to your destination is our priority.

What you should never do if you lost your car keys?

Do not PANIC! Okay, that did not work but seriously, do not panic. Panicking will not help the situation. 

It has never helped, and will only make you scared and confused, especially if the keys are at night. However, please calm down and think of what to do next. Browse through your phone for a locksmith is Washington near me and get started on the procedure. Remember to clearly identify what type of car keys and brand of car for the customer agent. This will enable us to help you faster. We are not superman or flash, but we should be in your location with the hour.

Speaking of types of car keys, do you know what kind of car keys you have?

Types of car keys

There are five types of car keys, namely transponder, ignition, Remote/remoteless, electronic/key fobs, and traditional car keys. We can help you with any type of car key type you have from caravans, electric, commercial, trucks, or luxury brand. We have professional experts waiting for your call. If your car uses the traditional type of key, we will have it duplicated or replaced immediately without the need for an original.

The traditional or standard car keys

these are the car keys we knew growing up. Although they belong to an older version of vehicles, they are still the trusted and loyal option for many car owners. Most of these car key types have spares, but just in case yours do not, do not worry. These keys are easy to replicate so that you can be on your way.

Transponder car keys

if you drive a modern car, chances are you have a transponder on board. This type of keys is a little difficult to replace with the assistance of a professional locksmith. Transponder car keys have a chip that allows for synchronization between the key and the car. Although they provide you with peace of mind, it can be confusing losing them or if they stopped working.

Electronic or Smart keys

Electronic or Smart keys are remote systems that allow you to gain access to your car. 

This type of keys is designed to remain in your purse, bag, or pocket but close enough so that the car can detect them. The remote control key system allows you to use a button to control all activities in the car. Losing your remote-controlled car key or replacing one is not cheap and means finding the best car locksmith in Washington, DC.

Remoteless or key fob

Remoteless/key fob is similar to transponder car keys but stays in tune with you. While this type of keys offers immeasurable security, losing one can be heartbreaking and depressing. They usually do not have spares, and a replacement will set an enormous dent in your bank balance.

So, now that you know, what should you do aside not panicking if you’d lost your car keys? If you had an extra, you will not be reading this article. 

We are here to help you make sense of the situation and how to un-stuck yourself for the best possible solution for your type of car keys.

Retrace your steps

We already mentioned it in the beginning, but that is where to start from, search for it. If you cannot find it on your person, check your office if you are at work or your resident if you are at home. If you are in a public place, try to remember the last place you saw the key. Retracing your steps is not the easiest thing to do. We have seen cases where people searched fervently for their lost car key only to find it hours later in their jacket pocket. So please, stay calm and search thoroughly. It could be where you did not expect.

Search your car

Okay, this works if you are not locked out. If you are, then this is obviously not an option. Check your car, every compartment, under the seats, the pigeon hole, everywhere. If the latter is the situation and you have a spare somewhere, call someone to get it to you. If you do not have a spare, call the car locksmith in Washington, DC ASAP.

Apparently, you cannot find the car key, what’s next?

Call the locksmith

Now your car model and keys type will determine the locksmith provider. However, before you dial that number, have some information ready for the professionals on the other end of the line. You need to know your car type, model number, car key type to enable the locksmith to identify what needs to be done. When giving out your car model number, you will need the vehicle identification number, year of manufacture, and car registration documentation number. Usually, the dealer will offer a guarantee, but locksmiths are available anytime and day, have the skills and professionalism to help you out.

What do you need help with?

If you need a key replacement, duplication, or changes to the lock, a locksmith is the first responder in this case. However, for complicated modernized car, deciding on a locksmith means you are guarantee that they can provide the service your need. Most luxury cars have complicated lock systems that many locksmiths cannot handle. To be fair, there are some with the capability and programming skills to help you.

Calculate the cost

A traditional or simple replacement or duplication process is inexpensive. However, modern cars with a complex system, the price is worth considering before you call for a locksmith. 

Needless to say, if you drive a modern and expensive car, you should afford a locksmith when your keys get missing. Do not be in a hurry to call the first locksmith that pops up on your search, dig a little deeper, and ask all the necessary questions. You do not want to end up with a liability a locksmith company cannot pay for.

Make a spare or two

When the locksmith meets your needs, ask for a spare. This way, you will never be locked out of car in the future. However, if losing car keys are your forte, you might want to ask for two and ask a trusted friend or family member to keep one for you.

Losing your car keys can be a pain in the behind, but locksmith Washington DC is here to help. Whether you need an emergency car key service, rekeying, reprogramming, duplicating, replacement, and/or repairs, call now. There is nothing fun about losing your car keys.

We hope we have answered your question about what you should do if you lost your car key. Don’t panic; contact us now.